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Welcome to the Gormenghast wiki. I have no idea what the difference between the Forum and the Community Portal is, so I'll post this message in both places and see which gets the highest response (if any).

I intend for this wiki to focus on the fictional world of Gormenghast, as well as featuring information about the books from the real world. I'm not sure exactly how to differentiate the two at the moment, I'm just going to be making it up as I go along to begin with. I'm quite interested in putting something about the inspirations for the various locations featured in the books, as well as other influences. Idle musing: as the focus is on fiction, anything that isn't fictional could be put in a 'real world' category...

This wiki is written in British English, except for the bit in the next paragraph which uses the HTML colour codeword for slate grey.

Just as a matter of interest, when I was picking the theme, I picked violet and fuchsia to represent the Groan children. Somewhere there should be slategray (sic) lurking in the background, though it isn't appearing on my current screen.

Sheridan (talk) 02:34, May 6, 2013 (UTC)

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